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The Comeback Kiss Lani Diane Rich

The Comeback Kiss

Lani Diane Rich

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Tessa Jones lives a life of quiet reparation. Eleven years ago Dermot Finnegan, her first love, sweet-talked her out of virginity, stole her car and skipped town. Her revenge had been quick and decisive: she stole five thousand dollars from Finns Uncle Max and framed Finn for the crime. Eleven years and one freakishly good investment later, shes still soothing her bad karma by embezzling funds back into Maxs Diner and writing cheques in Finns name to the needy of Lucys Lake, anything as long as she doesnt have to admit what shes done. Finn knows better than to pursue redemption, but he tries anyway. And hes surprised to find that the very people he thought would form a lynch mob at his return are hailing him a town hero. At the centre of this mystery is Tessa, the one woman he cant seem to forget...This is a lighthearted story about good intentions going wrong, bad deeds made right and first love that just wont go away even when you tell it to.