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The Day I packed for Heaven Maria Pelisek

The Day I packed for Heaven

Maria Pelisek

Published October 30th 2014
Kindle Edition
122 pages
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 About the Book 

The Day I packed for Heaven is an extraordinary real-life story.One sunny afternoon, Maria, a young woman in her late 20’s has a decision to make, to refuse or accept chemotherapy for a second time.She chooses to refuse.The young woman decides to defy the odds and refuses her only choice- this is not because she wants to die but because she just desperately wants to live.She knows what is expected from her but she sets off to find the life she always wanted, not the one she must live. Realising that in order to save herself she must understand something that cannot be comprehended by the mind, only by the heart, she enters the World of Fools where she learns how to heal herself through love, pure compassion and forgiveness.You will follow Maria on her life changing journey to heal not only her body but more importantly her soul.Eventually, finding her true self which had been deeply buried for so long, she recognises that in her game of Life, the most important thing is not the game itself, but herself as the player. If she does not really know herself, could she ever understand her game?‘Looks like you are packing for heaven.’‘Yes I am.’‘What are you going to bring there?’‘My soul.’‘How is that soul of yours?’‘Young and unhappy with a life never fulfilled and lessons that were never learned. Leaving before it could realise its dreams, not knowing what it was looking for.’‘Are you sure this is how you want to come?’